Portfolio Management

Our experienced investment professionals and relationship managers provide portfolio management solutions designed to meet your individual needs and aspirations, working with you at step by step to help you achieve your investment goals, while you enjoy life’s most precious asset: time, and preserve your existing wealth. A client centric approach means you will always be in control of your solution – whichever route you choose.

Below are the 2 main types of accounts that we manage:

  • Managed Account
  • Non-Discretionary Account

Managed Account:

Our Managed Account clients work with their dedicated portfolio manager to construct and monitor a suitable investment portfolio.

Why Open a Discretionary Account?

  • Finding the time to manage and optimize investments in today’s fast-moving and complex markets can be difficult. Your relationship with us can be structured in a variety of ways depending on your financial objectives, risk tolerance and desired level of involvement in your investment portfolio.
  • With a Managed Account you do not have to worry about the day-to-day investment decisions, since a Managed Account authorizes RPIML to manage investments on your behalf.

What are the Benefits of Opening a Managed Account?

  • A team of experts commits to assist you achieve your investment objectives.
  • Asset diversification and constant monitoring of your investments ensures your portfolio is less susceptible to financial market fluctuations.
  • You enjoy life’s most precious asset: time, while RPIML’s investment committee and portfolio manager manage your wealth.

Non-Discretionary Account:

Our Non-Discretionary Account clients have complete ownership of their investment decisions and control of their portfolio. Our Non-Discretionary clients invest in a manner suited to prevailing market conditions.

Why Open a Non-Discretionary Account?

  • Your money is invested based on your investment decisions that allow you to main full ownership over your investment decisions and trade executions.
  • Your investment strategies are constantly monitored by our investment professionals. Regular feedback is then provided geared towards achieving your investment objectives, maximizing your investment returns, and securing your wealth.

What are the Benefits of Opening a Non-Discretionary Account?

  • You maintain full control over your portfolio with a Non-Discretionary Portfolio Account.
  • Maintain a proactive relationship with your portfolio manager, and receive advice and feedback tailored to your individual investment objectives and needs.